Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Light-up Dioramas

Thanks to jury duty this week, I had plenty of time to make example projects for my next maker class: light-up dioramas.

Yes, I know it looks like my dog drew it.

I start out with a back-of-a-cocktail-napkin type sketch.  My sketches are always truly awful but functional, at least in my head. So I power through and hope for better things.

I just wanted to think about a scene with a foreground, middleground, and background before doing any "real" drawing.
Then I started drawing out all my elements separately on card stock.

Next I colored everything with colored pencils, cut out my components, and layered them in my scene.

I used thicker cardboard to separate my scene layers from one another. I moved things around a bit and added to my composition when I felt like something was missing

I then hid a coin cell battery taped to one leg of an orange LED behind the castle.

I use a tiny bit of electrical tape on the side of the battery so the second leg doesn't easily touch it.

If you press on the right spot, you'll make the second LED leg connect to the battery, which completes the circuit and lights the diorama. Instant sunset.

My second example is a room in a submarine or some sort of ship.It includes a light fixture that lights up in the same manner.

Both projects have a few little hidden critters, "Easter Eggs" for my students to find. The love adding little secret things to their projects.

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