Thursday, January 12, 2017

Articulate Paper People

I saw articulate paper people somewhere and I was intrigued. I mean, they are kind of creepy but it's also way for kids to understand pivot points and joints.
Where are the upper arms? Oops

Also, building and playing with them makes kids think about how things move, and how they shouldn't move.

I used card stock, sketched my figure out in pencil, and then pen.

I added color with colored pencils.

Only then did I cut out all the parts.

Then I used a small hole punch-- next time I might just poke the card stock with a needle tool or another sharp object, it would be easier to see what I was doing.

Small brads were used to attach all the limbs, and that's it! Articulate paper person.

My son immediately took this and started posing it-- waving, sitting cross-legged, etc.

I might have my students make one of these, and then tell them to make something that isn't a human-- make a dragon, think about the joints of the tail, etc. Or a robot, or some sort of machinery with moving parts.

I think these would be good for making stop motion animated movies, or just glue a magnet on the back of a torso and stick them on a fridge. It's a good, cheap, low-mess, rainy-day project.

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