Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cubs Hat Earrings

My city, Chicago, was elated just a few days ago from the Cubs victory. I am really not a sports fan, but even I got sucked into the insanity that was game seven of the World Series. And the next morning, I made myself a pair of Cubs hat earrings and wore them when my kids and I joined 5 million of our closest friends at the Cubs parade.

Go Cubs Go.
People commented on my earrings everywhere I went. Then my mom, who lives nearby and helps out my family all the time, said she wanted them. When my mom asks for my earrings, I give her my earrings.

But that meant I needed another pair (needed!) so this morning I made more. Many more. Because why do all the tedious things I should be doing in the morning for my work, to get my kids ready for school, etc. when I could be making Cubs hat earrings?

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