Saturday, November 5, 2016

It Begins

When my daughter was three, we walked past a store window that had a pillow with a tree embroidered on it. "We could make that" I said to my daughter absently. In theory like to make things, but when I said "We could make that" I never considered that we would, you know, make something.

At home a few hours later my daughter turns to me and says "Mommy let's make the tree." She was calling me on my BS. For some reason, even though kids are so literal, I didn't expect that.

I managed to find felt in a few different colors and a needle and thread. I cut out tree and flower shapes and stitched them together by hand until we had a much uglier version of the tree we saw in the window. My daughter was very pleased and I was just surprised that we actually made something.

I don't think I took a picture of the tree that we did (as I said, it was kind of ugly.)

But we went on to other projects and experiment with all sorts of materials.

Polymer clay cake charms. Not edible, not in the slightest.

Some of what we make is good, some not so much. But I have come to really believe in the power of making things. It's not just about what we make, but the ideas, the whole process.

Stormtrooper mosaic. My son's favorite.

Or maybe that's just what I have to tell myself when I end up with something like this:

Uncomfortably leggy sock monkey with ill-fitting sock monkey sweater.

 We're starting the Micromakery blog to document some of our projects.

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