Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Give Someone The Bird This Holiday Season

 A friend commissioned me to make a pair of turkey earrings for a Turkey Trot she was running. This is how they turned out.
You need these. You know you do.
Before shading
Hilarious and strange. So I decided to make some for my Etsy store.

I begin by sculpting each turkey using very light yellow clay.

I then skewer it with a long eye pin, and texture it using both a small ball of foil and a bumpy plastic cutting board.

Finally I brush on shades of yellow, reddish brown, and dark brown pastels.

I use the blue cutting board in this picture to texture the turkeys.

I sculpted some stuffing on to my turkeys, baked again, and added a nice glossy finish. 

Not too big-- wouldn't want to be gaudy

I finally added some red beads (holiday bling!) and finally the ear hooks.
 So wear these at your next holiday dinner, and maybe you can steer the conversation away from politics for a moment. Good luck.

You need these, you know you do.

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